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[sticky post]My Motive is Yunjae :p
I honestly do not know what to post.
It's been almost 2 years since I made this blog, and I really only made it so I can read yunjae fanfictions. I absolutely had no intention of posting anything here, mainly because I do not have a very exciting life and I do not even have the talent for making-up one boo!

BUT, I read something about LJ deleting inactive blogs, and let's just say I am (extremely) a bit addicted to fanfictions especially yunjae ones, so here I am shamelessly posting nonsense for my yunjae.

Anyways, all you need to know about me for now is that I am a db5k fan, support all dsbk ships and a yunjae believer.

(Not that anyone is interested, really!) ^_^

Kdrama: Reply 1997
I recently finished watching this popular kdrama. I was actually quite curious about it because people in tumblrverse were very hyped up about Reply 1997. However, I was avoiding watching it because I was sorta kinda put off when I found out that eunji's character dated brothers, and that hoya's character did not end up with yunjae(yes, the only name I can remember from this awesome drama is my otp's namesake >.< sigh) and also because the casts were not familiar to me. (Since I cannot remember the names of the character, I will just use the actor's name in this post, except seo in guk because yunjae.)

Moving on, I was prepared to be bored during the first episode and I thought I will not be able to finish it BUT, needless to say, I finished it within a day kekeke.

Everyone was unexpectedly amazing, and the story just hooked me from the get go. I found Eunji's character to be very relatable to a certain point. She was a bit extreme, but she really portrayed the role of a teenager very well. She was annoying because like all teenagers she was loud, obnoxious, self-centered and childish but she was endearing because she was so pure and passionate. I thought she was going to be wishy washy but she was not at all. When she thought what she felt for yunjae's older brother was love, she was really sincere and true to him, but when she realized who she really loved, she immediately broke it off with the brother even though yunjae already gave up on her at that time and it meant she was left with nothing. I was prepared to hate her but I couldn't. I do not blame her at all for not noticing yunjae's love, at that age and given her mindset, an upfront approach would have been the best way to woo her, just like what yunjae's brother did. I also especially loved that moment when she told yunjae that she was paying for the sin of not knowing who it was she loved. I admire her strength, ability to face the consequences of her actions, and her will to keep moving forward and strive for happiness.

Another character I was prepared not to like was Yunjae simply because I was influenced by those who were disappointed he did not end up with Hoya. But I was proven wrong again. I thought Hoya would be the most heartbreaking character in the drama but for me, it was yunjae. His love was very pure and intense, there was no room for anyone else. I do not get why people are hating on him for not noticing Hoya's love for him. In the first place, just like Eunji only ever saw him as a brother/friend that's why she was oblivious to his love, he also only ever saw Hoya as a brother/friend, and he was a straight man who thought his friend was straight too. He was a good friend to Hoya and genuinely cared for him, if not he would have cut off their friendship when he found out Hoya's feelings for him. He could have thought Hoya took advantage of their friendship and felt betrayed. Instead, he felt bad for unknowingly hurting Hoya and not noticing. I am certain he did not want Hoya to leave their shared apartment but he realized that it is for the best considering Hoya's feelings for him and his feelings for eunji. He kept on repeating when Hoya was about to leave that even though they no longer live together it does not mean they are no longer friends and that they are never going to see each other again.

Speaking of Hoya, I loved his character because I can relate to how he loved yunjae. I loved that he was not bitter about it, blamed no one and wished them well. I was happy thinking he found someone when that red car fetched him at the end of the reunion.

I loved everyone in this drama, there was no one to hate. It was very entertaining and wonderful.

I was over the moon too when dbsk5 was mentioned and hug was played. oh my yunjae!! <3